Flex­i­ble thanks
to mini-job.
Become a paper carrier.
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Flex­i­ble thanks to mini-job.
Become a paper carrier.
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We are looking for

Paper Carrier (m/f/d)

As a paper car­ri­er for the SWA, you will ensure that every house­hold reli­ably receives the SWA every Sat­ur­day. Are you reli­able, flex­i­ble and able to work on your own ini­tia­tive? Then become part of our large team and sup­port us in inform­ing people!

Our deliv­ery staff are an impor­tant link in our logis­tics chain and bear a great respon­si­bil­i­ty: it is only thanks to their high sense of duty and their untir­ing com­mit­ment that we can deliv­er the SWA to our read­ers in all weathers.

Inter­est­ed? We wel­come every appli­ca­tion: sim­ply fill out the form and we will get back to you!

Apply now!

Are you punc­tu­al, reli­able and and like to be out in the fresh air?

Then apply right away using the fol­low­ing appli­ca­tion form. By the way: a car is an advan­tage but not a require­ment  you can also do your job com­fort­ably by bike or on foot.

Do you have any ques­tions before you apply? Feel free to con­tact us and clar­i­fy final details: Phone 0271 5940–355, 0271 5940–406 or write to us at zusteller@swa-wwa.de.

Min­i­mum age 13 years. We will be hap­py to advice you.

* marked fields are mandatory 
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Employment type


up to 450 euros 


Sup­ple­ment­ing pock­et mon­ey, stay­ing fit in retire­ment, work­ing dur­ing semes­ter breaks: the job of a paper car­ri­er has many advantages.

Reliable & fair payment 

The mon­ey is in your account on time. Every month. 

Flexibility & personal responsibility 

You set your pace – we just set your time slot. 

Fresh air 

Fresh air is healthy and sim­ply good for you. You don’t get this much exer­cise and oxy­gen in com­pa­ra­ble jobs. 

Free time 

Increase your pock­et mon­ey or salary and cre­ate the oppor­tu­ni­ty to do the things you want. 

Frequently asked Questions

You should be at least 13 years old. Minors also need the con­sent of a guardian, e. g. parents.

What you earn depends on how much you sup­port us. Or rather, if you dis­trib­ute a lot of news­pa­pers, you can earn more.

Deliv­ery is usu­al­ly always on Sat­ur­days and should be com­plet­ed by 6 p. m.

The SWA and SWA plus are dis­trib­uted (unless you live in Wittgen­stein). In rare cas­es, you may also have to dis­trib­ute indi­vid­ual brochures.

As part of the deliv­ery, you will receive tools such as deliv­ery trol­leys and shoul­der bags from us. You need more – then just talk to us.

No, in prin­ci­ple you can also make the deliv­ery on foot or by bicycle.

We will deliv­er the news­pa­pers to your home or drop them off at an agreed drop-off location.

In prin­ci­ple, hol­i­days should be announced well in advance. Ide­al­ly, you your­self have a sub­sti­tute (friends, fam­i­ly, etc.). In case of absence due to ill­ness, you should inform us imme­di­ate­ly so that a sub­sti­tute can be found quickly.

Tips for paper carriers

As a paper car­ri­er, you will of course receive a detailed intro­duc­tion includ­ing an intro­duc­tion to your area of respon­si­bil­i­ty. In addi­tion, we answer every­day ques­tions, give tips and advice and explain how you can suc­cess­ful­ly mas­ter new situations.

We sup­port each other

What good are ready-print­ed news­pa­pers and brochures if they don´t reach house­holds on time and reliably?

Absolute­ly noth­ing. That’s why you, as a paper car­ri­er of the SWA, are an impor­tant part of our team. And that’s why it’s impor­tant to us that you feel com­fort­able, sat­is­fied and pull togeth­er with us.

There­fore, if some­thing is both­er­ing you, don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact our sales depart­ment. We will be hap­py to sup­port you – just as you sup­port us with your work.

You have an impor­tant appoint­ment that can­not be post­poned, are sick or would like to apply for a hol­i­day? No prob­lem – just get in touch with your con­tact in our HR depart­ment at least 6 weeks in advance. Please bear in mind that demand is very high dur­ing hol­i­day peri­ods and on bridge days and we can­not ful­fill all requests.

We will take care of find­ing a sub­sti­tute for you.

You know some­one who can deliv­er the SWA in your dis­trict for you while you’re indis­posed? All the bet­ter! Just tell our team in the sales per­son­nel depart­ment the con­tact details of your substitute.

It is impor­tant to us that you are well equipped dur­ing your assign­ment!
There­fore, please think of your safety:

  • The most impor­tant thing: your safe­ty first! If the deliv­ery should ever be too dan­ger­ous (icy, fog, etc.) – take your time or, if nec­es­sary, sign out a lit­tle lat­er when the sit­u­a­tion has eased. In this case, please con­tact us and let us know.
  • If you wish, we can pro­vide you with a high-vis­i­bil­i­ty vest that you can wear dur­ing deliv­ery. So you are bet­ter vis­i­ble for oth­er road users.
  • There is no such thing as bad weath­er – only the wrong cloth­ing. Arm your­self with appro­pri­ate out­door cloth­ing and stur­dy footwear against rain, cold and slip­pery conditions.
  • Car­ry your cell phone with you – that should be cer­tain­ly not be a problem 😉

The dog is bark­ing, you can’t find a mail­box at the front door or the streets are so wind­ing that you can’t find the right address? When dif­fi­cul­ties arise while every­one else is still asleep, it’s easy to feel help­less. Deep breath, here come a few tips:

  • Can’t find a mail­box? First put the news­pa­per in a dry place pro­tect­ed from the weath­er. You can reach our sales staff by phone. We will help you!
  • The same applies to address­es you can’t find. You can find help on the web­site geos.citkomm.de or down­load the free app MAPS.ME onto your smart­phone. If you have any fur­ther ques­tions, a mem­ber of our sales team will be hap­py to help you.
  • Pan­ic fear of dogs? Then you do not have to put your­self in uncom­fort­able sit­u­a­tions. We want you to feel safe and com­fort­able. Just con­tact the staff of our sales depart­ment – togeth­er we will find a solution.

About us

The SWA is the adver­tis­ing jour­nal for Siegen-Wittgen­stein dis­trict and the Altenkirchen dis­trict. Our cir­cu­la­tion amounts to over approx. 150,000 copies per pub­li­ca­tion day. Renowned com­pa­nies have been our reg­u­lar cus­tomers in the adver­tis­ing and sup­ple­ment sec­tors for decades.

We have decades of expe­ri­ence in the field of house­hold dis­tri­b­u­tion. We and you as a dis­trib­u­tor are sup­port­ed by mod­ern IT sys­tems, includ­ing a detailed geo-infor­ma­tion system.

With four dif­fer­ent local edi­tions per pub­li­ca­tion day (Sat­ur­day), we bring inter­est­ing reports from the indi­vid­ual regions as well as ser­vice top­ics free to our readers.


Ober­graben 39, 57072 Siegen 

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